• Need Skates? Skates are available for rent for a minimal cost at the Hastings Civic Arena and is first-come first-serve. Hockey skates are not recommended for beginner skaters because a skate with a flatter blade and a toe pick are much easier to balance on when learning basic skating skills.
  • Where can I purchase skates? Play it Again Sports, Westwood Sports in Apple Valley, Stillwater Ice Arena has a skate shop that sells figure skates and recreational skates. Call for an appointment for a fitting with Bryan or Doug 651-430-2601.
  • Professional Skate Sharpening for figure skaters is available by a local blades sharpening professional. Fred Bartick in Bloomington-must make an appointment (952) 884-5345.
  • Please arrive at the arena 15-30 minutes before your scheduled class and pick up your name tag on arrival at the skate school desk. Your name tag will have a lesson time and a practice time written on it. Keep in mind your practice time may be before or after your lesson. All name tags are color coded and your teacher will have a corresponding colored name tag and color board hanging on the boards in the class area so you’re able to find your class. Return name tags to the front table if it was not collected by your instructor after class.
  • Use designated locker rooms to put your skates on-we are not allowed to put skates on in the lobby.
  • Clothing- Helmets are highly recommended for everyone who steps on the ice for Learn to Skate Classes & Hockey Classes-No Sticks or pucks are used for Mini-Mites classes. Bulky equipment is not recommended for Mini-Mite Class. Your skater must be able to move freely sweatpants or Lycra is recommended. Gloves or Mittens required no jeans please.
  • IMPORTANT POLICY-No Parents or siblings allowed to skate in class or the practice area due to liability reasons.
  • No shoes are allowed on the ice at any time.
  • Skaters your practice time should be spent on what you were taught in class.
  • All skaters will be evaluated the last day of class. Please attend your last class to receive your evaluation form. Attendance at every class is important for your skaters progress.
  • Private lessons available Friday mornings 6-8 am or 6-7 pm on Sunday Evenings. Please talk to Amanda for more information.

Mark your calendars

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Skate with Santa Event 6p - 8:15 p

  • 6-7 River Blades Skaters perform 
  • 7-8:15 Community open skate with Santa

ALL skaters LTS 2-4, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Popsicles, Team Production, & Freestyle classes will perform a short routine in our Skate with Santa Show. All routines will be taught during classes incorporating skills from their level.

Costume try-on is Nov 11. River Blades will supply the costumes at $5 per person cleaning fee is due by Nov 11. Skate with Santa Show & Public Skate Entry fee $10.00 per family