Hockey Mini Mites

Hockey Mini Mites

150.00 160.00

Sat. Oct 5-Dec 14 10-11:30 am

Your class is 30 minutes in length, your practice time is 30 minutes in length.

Your exact class will be within one of the time frames listed above.

We will email you the class time once registration closes.

Beginning Mini-Mite Hockey Skating Skills Class – Ages 4+ and helmets required – no sticks or pucks. Basic skills on ice without a stick – falling, marching, gliding, standing up, 1-foot standing balance, beginner swizzles, moving, beginning backward skating, 2-foot glides around cone and snowplow stops.

Intermediate Mini-Mites Hockey Skating Skills Class – Ages 4+ - Building on skills from Beginner Mini-Mites. Learn forward swizzles, forward 1-foot glides, backward swizzles, hockey turns, intro to 1-foot glides around a cone, beginner stride, walking crossovers, beginning slaloms.

Advanced Mini-Mites Hockey Skating Skills Class – Ages 4+ Review of skills previously presented, advanced stride, beginning crossovers on a circle, backward slaloms, backward 1-foot glides, hockey stops, intro to 3-turns and mohawks.

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