Hockey Mini Mites

Hockey Mini Mites

112.00 120.00

6:30-7 or 7-7:30 pm

Your class is 30 minutes in length.

Your exact class will be within one of the time frames listed above.

We will email you the class time once registration closes.

$112.00 before 5/15 after5/15 $120.00

Beginning Mini-Mite Hockey Skating Skills Class – Ages 4+ and helmets required – no sticks or pucks. Basic skills on ice without a stick – falling, marching, gliding, standing up, 1-foot standing balance, beginner swizzles, moving, beginning backward skating, 2-foot glides around cone and snowplow stops.

Intermediate Mini-Mites Hockey Skating Skills Class – Ages 4+ - Building on skills from Beginner Mini-Mites. Learn forward swizzles, forward 1-foot glides, backward swizzles, hockey turns, intro to 1-foot glides around a cone, beginner stride, walking crossovers, beginning slaloms.

Advanced Mini-Mites Hockey Skating Skills Class – Ages 4+ Review of skills previously presented, advanced stride, beginning crossovers on a circle, backward slaloms, backward 1-foot glides, hockey stops, intro to 3-turns and mohawks.

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