SATURDAYS October 3-December 12




OCT 3-Dec 12 10:00-11:30 am

** All skaters registered for Fall lessons (Hockey Players exempt)  will learn a short routine and perform for our Skate with Santa Show & Community Open Skate on Dec 19 5:30-8 pm nominal costume rental/cleaning fee of $5.00 due Nov 7


 Saturdays September 12-October 17-9:00 am-12:00*pm  & 11:30am -2:00 pm* See downloads


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Mini-Mite 3 Hockey Skating Skills Class (class description)
Mini-Mite 4 Hockey Skating Skills Class (class description)
Hockey - Beginner Explosive Power Skating & Edge Class (class description)
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Terms & Conditions
1. All applicants must pay tuition in advance by the registration due date. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed if received after the deadline date. 2. Lessons will be given at the place & time indicated on the application. The skating school reserves the right to change the day and or time of the classes if needed. River Blades Skating School may cancel a class due to low attendance. A refund will be given if a class is canceled. 3. Enrollment in a skating class ensures your skater a 30-minute lesson with an instructor and a 30-minute practice time in the designated practice area. Skaters should practice warming up and or reviewing what was taught in class. For every half hour lesson your skater should practice 30-60 minutes per week. Please keep in mind your practice may be before or after your lesson. Check your name tag for your exact practice and lesson time the first day of class. 4. In the event a student is unable to attend their regularly scheduled lesson time a make-up class is allowed if that particular class is offered. There will be no credit or refunds for absences. In any event, all make-up lessons must be made prior to the last day of the term enrollment. 5. Cancellation policy - River Blades Skating School requires a written notice of cancellation by the skaters parent. Refunds will not be given after the 2nd week of classes. A 10 % surcharge will be charged for cancellations. The student named below and their parents or guardian agree that RIVERBLADES SKATING SCHOOL is not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal property or any injury or illness sustained during the activity or caused by any pre-existing condition. I understand that it is beneficial and a safety precaution for my child to wear a helmet while taking the ice for a lesson or while practicing in the designated practice area. Helmets are strongly suggested and are required for Hockey & Learn to Skate Classes. I, the undersigned parent or legal guardians of the my child named below, authorize the instructors, coaches or employees of the River Blades Skating School & Hastings Civic Arena to consent to medical dental or surgical examination and/or treatment of the above named participant and, in the case of emergency authorize treatment or care at any hospital. I understand that my child skates in this class at my own risk and hereby release River Blades Skating School, ISI, the host facility and their officers, directors, instructors, and personnel from all liability. I declare the information above to be true and correct. CHECK BOX-I do hereby grant and give the skating school the right to use my child’s photograph or image with or without my child’s name, both single and in conjunction with the other person’s or objects for newspaper, Facebook, flyer's, and website skater photo.