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Winter 2019 Pre-Class Important Information Read Today

Winter 2019 Pre-Class Important Information Read Today

Welcome to the River Blades Skating School.  

Thank you for pre-registering your skater for River Blades Skating School Winter 2019 session of ice skating lessons. 

Jan. 12-March 23 * No Class 3/9

A class schedule has been emailed to you with your skaters class time, class color, instructor and your practice time.

All 10:00 classes line up on the rubber mats behind your class color to meet your instructor before taking the ice on Saturday-we do this the first two weeks of class.  

All 10:30 classes line up in the practice area at 10:27 am next to your class color-we will help you to class at 10:30 

All 11:00 classes  line up in the practice area at 10:57 am next to your class color

Reminder only registered skaters in the practice area (everyone must be in skates)

Subscribe to our website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for our latest updates.  

On Thursday Jan. 10 evening you will receive a more detailed e-mail with your skaters exact class scheduled time, class color, and instructor. 

Please read today the information below about your first day of class, clothing request, where to purchase skates & much more........to ensure you understand the procedures and what equipment is needed before Jan 12.  

River Blades has professional instructors teaching our group lesson classes.  

River Blades houses instructors that are certified and trained under these nationally recognized organizations. 

-ISI-Ice Sports Industry

-Learn to Skate USA-USA Hockey, US Speed Skating 

-US Figure Skating 

River Blades adult instructors have over 10-20 + years teaching experience.  We also train junior instructors to assist in classes.  All of our adult instructors have had competitive careers that required 8-10 years of training & testing under the Ice Sports Industry and/or US Figure Skating judging & testing system.   We have several instructors that have had professional careers with Disney on Ice.  We have instructors with experience as athletes and coaches in National, & International competitions.  We have a World Synchronized Team USA member turned professional instructing at River Blades as well an international pair skating champion instructing at River Blades.  River Blades believes in bringing Hastings youth high quality instruction to build self esteem and confidence in our skaters.  

We hope you enjoy our instructors and our classes.  


Special Events coming up 

Figure Skaters-Have you registered for our Feb. ice show?  

We transform the arena in to a theater with spotlights, costumes, glitz & glamour.  Our theme this year is River Blades Travel Adventure. 

Register before Jan. 6 register online today (registration is under classes) 


Disney on Ice-Mickey's Search Party Target Center 3/14-3/17 we will be ordering group discount tickets.  Stay tuned!!!! 

July-August Tuesdays Figure Skating Day Camp-stay tuned on a camp brochure

July-August Thursdays Power Skating/Edge Class for Hockey Players & Edge Class for Figure Skaters 

What to Expect the First Day of Class 

Class Attire-Skates, Bike or Hockey Helmut, Mittens, Flexible skating pants (no jeans) Warm jacket. Hockey gloves & Breezers are not recommended for LTS 1-2 classes.  

Need Skates? You can rent at the Hastings Civic Arena first come first serve. 

Hockey Skates with the rocked blade  are not recommended for beginner skaters a rounded blade is difficult for a beginner to balance on & will cause unnecessary falling -a skate with a flatter blade & a toe pick are much easier to balance on & learn in.  A hockey skate is easy to transfer over to especially after foundation skills have been mastered.  Double bladed Figure Skates are also not recommended.  If you already have hockey skates please use them. 

Where can I purchase skates?

Westwood Sports in Apple Valley

14805 Granada Ave, Apple Valley MN 55124



For beginners ask for Riedell Starter Skates for $50.00/$55.00

On Arrival to the Hastings Civic Arena
If you have registered through Community Education, River Blades will need you to sign a release waiver the first day of class-  Please let our front desk know if you registered with Community Education. Thank you. 

First Day of class. 

Arrive at the arena 15-30 minutes before your scheduled class-pick up your name tag on arrival at the skate school desk. 

Your name tag will have a class color, lesson time & a practice time written on it. 

You will have a 30 minute lesson with an instructor and 30 minutes of practice time in the designated practice area.   

Keep in mind your practice time may be before your lesson. 

Where do I put my skates on?  

Once you check in at the skate school table All skaters will proceed to the locker room to put their skates.   The lobby will no longer be available to put skates.  The locker room assignments are on the television screens in the lobby.  

Where are the locker rooms?

Once you enter through the double doors in to where the ice is located you will turn right and follow the rubber to the locker rooms.  

How do I find my teacher?   

The first 2 weeks of class we will introduce the teachers on the rubber mats before taking the ice.  

Each class has a class color and your name tag is a certain color. 

For example if you have a green name tag you will skate to the area of the rink that has the green color board hanging on the plexi glass.  

Keep in mind you will skate to that color when it is your class time. 

Please be sure to check your name tag for the class time before you send your skater to their class. 

Those skaters that are practicing in the practice area and waiting for their class time will be lined up at 10:25 am  and taken to their correct class.  

Parents please help us in getting our attention if your skater has not gotten to class or if you arrive late.  

Name tags will be collected at the end of class. 

Parents please do not leave during your skaters lesson-if your child needs to use the bathroom or needs their skates re-tied we will need your assistance. 

Locker Room- Please use designated locker rooms to put your skates on we are not allowed to put skates on in the lobby.  

Learn to Skate 1 & new beginner mini-mite students will meet their teacher off-ice near the entrance to the ice for the first two lessons.  

Learn to Skate 1 & mini-mites 1 will learn how to balance, fall down properly and get back up on the black rubber matting before you take the ice. 

Keep in mind we may need to move your skater up or down a level.  If a class change is needed you will be informed the change and be given a new name tag the following week of class.  

Only registered students may skate in the practice area (skaters that are not enrolled in our program are not allowed to skate in the practice area). The practice area is coned off from the blue line down.  Skaters please no horseplay in the practice area-your practice time should be spent on what you were taught in class. No parents on the ice due to liability reasons. 

Evaluations All skaters will be evaluated the last day of class-please attend your last class to receive your evaluation form. Attendance at every class is important in moving up through the levels.

Please encourage your skater to have fun in the practice area and to review the skills that they were taught in class.  

Join our Hastings Figure Skating Team-Beginner through advanced team production & synchronized skating competition opportunities.

The Popsicle-ettes is a new team forming from 11-11:30 am on Saturdays.  All skaters LTS 2+ are invited to join us the first two weeks to try the class out.  The Popsicle-ettes will perform at the Skate with Santa Event.  

What are team production numbers?  At River Blades we strive to build our skaters self esteem and confidence through Figure Skating.  Many skaters like to skate as a team before they take the next step in to competing as a solo skater in competition.  River Blades has designed a program to build a skaters confidence through performing with a team.  Team Production is a competition number designed keeping a theme in mind. This season we choreographed and competed with Mary Poppins, Be our Guest, The Greatest Showman.    We develop performance and acting skills as well as skating skills during our practices.  We compete three to four times per year as a team at local competitions.  

We are looking to grow our Beginner Figure Skating Team 

“The Popsicles-ettes” please join us from 11:00-11:30 am on Jan 12 & Jan 19 LTS 2 and up invited to join us get a feel for what Team Production skating is all about.  $13.00 per week.  

If after trying our class your skater would like to join our team please sign up with Annie at the front desk and leave your email address & phone number.    

Private lessons are available.  

Private lesson opportunities-Please speak to Amanda if you are interested in trying out  a one-on-one private lesson with one of our Figure Skating Instructors, a little one-on-one goes a long way. Also if you are interested in doing competitions in the future starting a private lesson along side our group lesson program will benefit your skater tremendously. Please visit our website for private lesson pricing www.Riverbladesskating.com

Speak with Amanda to discuss private lesson opportunities for Hockey & Figure Skaters, there are opportunities to receive a private lesson on these days 

*Fridays 6-8 am during Open Freestyle $6 ice fee 

*Saturdays 8:30-9:45 am am during Open freestyle $6 ice fee 

*Sundays 4:15-5:45 during open skate

*Sundays 6-7 pm during Open Freestyle $6 ice fee 

Private lessons must be pre-paid, once lesson is reserved please respect our no cancellation policy, Visit our website for private lesson pricing packages-online packages include ice fee.  www.Riverbladesskating.com 

2nd Annual under the spotlights “Ice Show” Sat. Feb 16 6:00 pm -Visit our ice show page for more information practice schedule and the registration form.  All skaters welcome to register.   Last year our show was a hit and they kids enjoyed performing in a theatrical show with their friends & performing for the community & families.    

River Blades Attire Order-sweat shirts , sweat pants, mittens, and boot covers, order forms will be available soon at the arena.  

River Blades will be reserving group discount tickets for 

Disney on Ice-Mickey's Search Party 3/14-3/17 @ Target Center

Ticket request will be available at the end of January.   

If you would like to book a one-on-one phone consultation with Amanda to talk about a plan for your skater that is new to the sport, or you have questions about “how to best guide your skater through the sport” please visit the websitewww.riverbladesskating.com/parents-corner to register for a one-on-one phone conversation.  A professional consultation fee will apply.  

Community Ed registrant please bring a signed copy of our waiver form to the first day of class.  Click here to download and print the Winter waiver form-it’s on our download page.


Please visit www.Riverbladesskating.com and subscribe to our website to receive important updates & information.  

Follow River Blades on Facebook, Instagram, & HastingsNow.

Remember to check your inbox on  Thursday Jan. 10 in the  evening for your skaters exact class time, practice time, class color, and class instructor.  

Thank you and we'll see you at the Hastings Civic Arena on 

Saturday Jan. 12, 2019  

River Blades Skating School

Amanda Truax-Director


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